To my great joy we are finally able to lay on pavers, warmed-from-the-sun. Nobody knows how long it will last. I figure, we have a few more rounds through the darkness to the dawn. We’ve set out so long ago, … Continue reading

Holding Space for Chance

I gave up superstition and coincidence recently, belief systems seem to be dissolving in front of my eyes. Coincidence in particular seems to be lethal these days. Isn’t it a coincidence that humans merged into the Chordata phylum, the same … Continue reading

Still Strung Up Over Here

Still Strung Up Over Here

Not for long, I’ll get there at some point. We didn’t get around to our barefoot challenge until after dusk today. We are getting used to it by now, thankfully my toes warm up quickly in fuzzy boots afterwards. This … Continue reading

Time is Fading

Time is Fading

This shot embodies surrendering and letting go…came home toting groceries to a kitchen equipped with two chefs-in-the-making and the youngest dragging me out to practice our bow just as the sun was kissing the horizon. Out here it doesn’t look … Continue reading



without seeds requires a bit of time and space, but not a lot of surveillance. There are clippings rooting throughout my nest all of which are capable with only some water, sometimes not even that much effort if you’re propagating … Continue reading

Still Searching

Around this time of year by way of its crisp and frosty air, carrying with it hints of citrusy aromatic Douglas fir and the woodsy vapors of rosemary on melting fat of a leg of lamb, I don’t feel like … Continue reading

Sheepishly Adorned

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. I can say the same about baby bear, her omnipresent smile reminds me that life is rich and beauty is everywhere. When her brothers … Continue reading

Silver and Gold

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Can you mix the two precious metals? Absolutely!   As the story goes, a group of distinguished foreigners visited the swaddled newborn bearing gifts of gold (frankincense and myrrh also accompanied the metal brought for his adoration.)  The Magi or … Continue reading