All The Way Up

Each moment is a new moment
not to wait for the world to change you,
but you to be the change you want to see
choose and choose again wisely.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson

These stalks look as if they were destined to reach for the stars, impelled upward toward a manifestation of exalted vocation. Curled, tawny or tender, ready or not we’re shooting for the luminaries that seem to be wooing us to stretch a bit more out of our comfortability. I added a fuzzy rug bedside, tantalizing me to take my first spritely step as I wake. It’s flattering to be caressed and reminded as I do with my first endeavor of my day. It’s the loveliest, instead of those limiting notions from the past—adios to you and your pitiful intentions, adios to all your chronic faithlessness and backstabbing words to suit a clandestine and salacious history with no intent to end. I’m well on my way, all the way up…it’s a long time coming.

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