Must Be The Season Of The Witch

“In the hush of that peaceful hour, brought face to face with the silent guardian which keeps faithful account of your wanderings, the touch of a divine fire will quicken the dull brain, and the sluggish heart will become responsive to an energy which lifts man out of the confines of the physical and draws him close to the heart of Being.” The Heart of Being, Uriel Buchanan

Little is said about Uriel…she had me with her name, how cool is it? And that title, it’s timeless…her writing is a beautiful stringing of words that tantalizes the heart.

Speaking of tantalizing, praise be the painter of this restful canvas and this kitty who has roamed the fields and valleys. Who purrs to the wooing breeze and the magical coding dialing down to its crimson phase as the night curtain draws to safeguard its sacred celestial image so that we may be illumed yet another day.

I hung around this gentle creature with lofty instincts. Still and silent as she weaved through my energy field, exploring the undercurrents of our destinies. A lemniscate, perhaps she’s got a secret or two of truths to bring to the surface.  

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