I like to see where things are going in unscripted conversations that entice people along on an explosive journey. These days, there’s an unlimited streaming of such dialogs to take part in but many meander aimlessly until a provocative and … Continue reading

Wrapped in the Wonder

The present is where all the good stuff resides. To live in the dream is to live in the knowing, to live in fear, frightens you out of present happiness and threatens all that could be taken. Live your dream.

Full Blown Romance.

Full Blown Romance.

This morning, with her, having coffee – Johnny Cash when asked for his description of paradise. All the work that matters is for moments like these found in the simplest of our twinkling flashes between beings. Take time to create … Continue reading

Everything is a Pendulum

Whilst we are here, we believe we can fly. This row of rings does not require energy if approached efficiently, yet each ring grants us the momentum to propel us to the next ring carrying us onto an opportune lifeline, … Continue reading

As Within So Without

As Within So Without

Take heed in how this ancient maxim pertains to your life. How do you manifest your thoughts and beliefs into your daily life? By consciously taking ownership over your thoughts and feelings and control over your experience, a shift will … Continue reading

A Desolate Road

No one can relate. Another day on Wall Street has passed, eclipsed by the usual lurking shadow that haunts the hallways instead of rousing company spirit. It pierces a stake right through the hearts of the proud and honest working … Continue reading