Everything is a Pendulum

Whilst we are here, we believe we can fly. This row of rings does not require energy if approached efficiently, yet each ring grants us the momentum to propel us to the next ring carrying us onto an opportune lifeline, so long as we float with the ringlet allowing us to carry us to our destined course.

Whether in midair or when we land, it’s breathtaking…after all it’s quite the feat. Today’s theme was flying ninja. We crossed over some dense patches with our usual sprightliness and a whole lot of laughs.

Nothing belulling with this child taking hold of any straw of happiness offered…at the very least it keeps us from boredom. Set the course of your destiny. Get a hold of the lifelines that inspire you.

What are you waiting for? Don’t lose sight of your fortuitous pendulum, take a rope and sail away. Happy floating, flowing and flying with whatever style you choose.

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