A Flying Start

A Flying Start

You, my wild child of the universe,I will for always shield your heart from dictations of a detached gospel.For you arrived to show us what is beyond our dream spell.Enlivened by the once-in-a-galaxy challenge,your sparkle is but the kindle for … Continue reading

Never Let Me Down

I’m soaking up every rummy split second of this singular spectacular season we call summer. Green is what’s on display presently. Dense, luscious, abundant and fleeting already past the peak and onto our transient descent into the next scene where … Continue reading

Everything is a Pendulum

Whilst we are here, we believe we can fly. This row of rings does not require energy if approached efficiently, yet each ring grants us the momentum to propel us to the next ring carrying us onto an opportune lifeline, … Continue reading

Rockin’ Robin

She’s still at it. Pecking away to the tune of her own brilliance. Still can’t figure out, a week into it, if she’s vocal about something or simply singing to her own melody and worshipping no one or anything other … Continue reading