Don’t Speak of Infallibility

Don’t Speak of Infallibility

Can music spur change? It most certainly charges our emotions, for me “One Tree Hill” is by far the most emotionally charged song by U2. Perhaps it’s why it’s my most prized from the moment Bono’s vocals penetrated my heart…with … Continue reading


That’s right the robust winds and heavy wet snow falling from the sky have me shivering on my stone-cold kitchen floor. March has bestowed us with illusionary behaviors, down-right dream-stealing, that only leave me to console sullen bears. Not so … Continue reading

Don’t just go with the grain…

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paint it! Wood, a true natural beauty in its raw grainy state, however, sometimes it’s fun to paint a story with wood furniture in your nest. A time-washed look can furnish your space with the precise vibe and still exhibit … Continue reading