Don’t just go with the grain…

paint it! Wood, a true natural beauty in its raw grainy state, however, sometimes it’s fun to paint a story with wood furniture in your nest. A time-washed look can furnish your space with the precise vibe and still exhibit the wood in all its glory. Dare to paint a well-traveled or time-honored story on your wood. Be adventurous and stain the wood a darker stain if your walls and floors are light or you have plenty of natural light illuminating your room. Award your space with contrast–it adds intrigue and a different dimension according to Abigail Ahern, ‘The Woman Rocking the World of Interiors.’ Go for a honey-toned stain if your walls and floors are bolder and darker or try an unexpected color or two on your wooden pieces to accent them in your space.

IMG_1890IMG_2733I chose a salvaged chic look with this custom made piece from Heirlooms & Hardware. The white stained wood, trimmed with the black metal adds an inquisitive playfulness into the Southeast section of the room. (Read: Wood element represents structure and is most welcomed in the feng shui BAg-ua areas of East, Southeast and South. A strong presence of wood is best avoided in the Southwest, Center, North and Northeast areas of your nest.) Although my primary goal was to design a sturdy table where my aspiring scientists can experiment with anything their developing minds transport them to, I knew I couldn’t handle another natural grain in my nest. It was time to think-outside the box, after all the primary function of the table is to endure two sets of mad scientists’ hands tinkering with concoctions that would most likely spill.IMG_2698IMG_2705
I needed a table that could survive their process of working toward that eureka moment that would support their proposed hypothesis; a table that was uplifting and inspiring, one that promoted growth, renewal and creativity! IMG_2725IMG_2718

Joseph and his team from Heirlooms & Hardware did not disappoint–they delivered true authenticity in a world full of identical dining sets. The bonus is that I was also a more responsible consumer by recycling unused or unwanted materials thanks to his revered stock for past trodden pieces in his warehouse.  IMG_2642IMG_2636IMG_2648 Take the adventurous route and mix different stains or paints on furniture and feel the difference in your nest. Think twice before you purchase a set of furniture particularly perfectly coordinated ones made from wood. It will lack personality and feel too uptight—not somewhere you would enjoy hanging out. Yes, it will fill up your space quickly buying everything from one store, but being patient with a few flea market trips and adding a dash of vintage will portray a-one-of-a-kind interior. Design, paint, and create your own story with pieces you love and allow your heart to sing in jubilation while you enjoy every detail in your nest. While telling your story, please remember to be patient with your new look. Don’t be so concerned about the end result, enjoy the process of transforming the grain into something you can truly delight in. May your storytelling be gratifying and fulfilling in your nest.

6 thoughts on “Don’t just go with the grain…

  1. Maybe in another life I’ll have the courage to do that. 🙂 The pictures are gorgeous, and I can see where changing things up a bit would add character. Most of our wood cabinets and furniture are matchy matchy.


    • Most of mine were too and I got to a point where it had to end! Maybe you will be inspired to pick up a paint brush after you complete your second draft. Painting does require patience and the end result is always a surprise so be certain you block out sometime or you may get frustrated. Courage!


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