The Night belongs to Poets and Mad Men with…

IMG_2946 Mustachios. My son loves to say the word mustachio. I don’t even think he knows the word in English thanks to his wonderful Maestra. I have to agree it has a better ring to it than plain old mustache. (Something about the i-o that allows you to hang onto the word a few extra beats as you sing it.)  Hot Chocolate 2 He does get a mustachio here and there after drinking a glass of milk, and soon enough he will have his own mustachio—he is half-Greek after all.

Mustachios cannot be avoided these days—the thicker and hairier the more machismo. Even Hello Kitty adores hers. IMG_2833Although we do not have any mustachios in our nest just yet we do have a few fuzzy and warm pieces that are perfecto now that the temperature drops the minute the sun dips into the horizon for the night.

One particular piece that we all love is our cow spotted furry bench. At one point it was placed at the foot of our bed which helped to extend it a couple of feet while holding a throw and a few interesting reading materials. It was ideal until we moved into a tinier space and we kept bumping into it while awkwardly encircling it and constantly knocking off the magazines and the throw!  IMG_5121

It had to be moved; it just didn’t feel right.  IMG_2913IMG_2917

IMG_2838IMG_2839  Don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture in an unorthodox way. It may not always work out, however, sometimes the rearranging will knock your socks off. I didn’t think I would love our cow-patched bench anywhere else but it has proven to live up to our dreams. Now with more responsibilities this little wooly bench plays the role of an unconventional seating area behind the kitchen counter and the two stools. It’s a small slab of stone and since four stools weren’t going to squeeze around it…why not impose a bench behind the kitchen counter area. When we are not sitting on it, we use it as a landing zone for homework, books and papers of the week. Just grab and march a few steps right out the door. Our beloved fuzzy bench has even helped us shave off a few minutes from our morning rush.  IMG_2912IMG_2922

With a little ingenuity, I was able to create more breathing space in the bedroom and a functional yet more intimate nook in my kitchen. The more thinking and implementing outside the box, the more exciting your nest will become—just like growing a mustachio can be for a young, adventurous lad.   IMG_2859IMG_2853IMG_2863

Never one to leave anyone void of cheer, I have created furry little mustachios nooks in every room of my little nest. So now my little man can slide his fingers across the textures of the hairy furniture and fuzzy pillows instead of waiting for his peach fuzz to grow on his upper lip. Are you in need of a little fuzz in your nest? Mustachios are no longer for men with a past or men from tantalizing outposts of the wild, so be a hearty pioneer and don’t hesitate to grow some fur in your nest with throws, rugs, pillows, benches, and side tables.

IMG_2924IMG_2905  IMG_2934 IMG_2886

14 thoughts on “The Night belongs to Poets and Mad Men with…

  1. I imagine that walking into your lovely house makes people feel right at home. Some houses are like that. I can never really put my finger on it, but I know when I’m in one. Love your ‘mustachio’ touches. And consider yourself lucky that your son likes to say the word. As you saw in my post, his vocabulary may go downhill as a teen. 😉


  2. You just encourage me every time, Christine! I love to look at the photos of your nest. They just invite me in! We are contemplating “downsizing” to our backyard cottage (very, very small) sometime this next year and having my daughter and family move into the main house. There are some really practical family matters that this move would address, and in truth, if we’re creative, we have the space. You inspire me to think much more creatively about my own nest! I love your furry additions!


    • Glad to inspire Debra! What exciting news–it sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you but well worth it–just think of seeing the girls all the time! I bet it will motivate you with the downsize and remember that everyone will always be in close proximity to hugs in a smaller nest with less things. At least you don’t have to move very far.


  3. Happy October, my friend!

    May this month be a wonderful and inspiring one for you and your loved ones!

    Take care and be well, always~ Cheers!! 😀


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