A Dawn of A New Age

A Dawn of A New Age

In my heart, a song. In my step, a lightness. In my depth, a spirit that won’t die. At the brink, prophecies hindered. A force, devoid of love, extinguished. New growth and swift strides during a clamorous winter. Forsaken honeypots … Continue reading

Time is Fading

Time is Fading

This shot embodies surrendering and letting go…came home toting groceries to a kitchen equipped with two chefs-in-the-making and the youngest dragging me out to practice our bow just as the sun was kissing the horizon. Out here it doesn’t look … Continue reading

Are We There Yet?

    Thanks to the adventures of Percy Jackson, intermittent iPad play, a few z’s and breathtaking landscapes while sipping cold water non-stop, we didn’t hear much of this phrase on our recent road trip. While I didn’t care for … Continue reading

Simple, Hearty and Restorative

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Just like a homemade bowl of mom’s soup, your nest should make you feel the same! What better time to create this sensation than the first month of the year? Sure you can add fresh blooms for that essential restorative … Continue reading

Calling all Beachcombers

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 “My mother says you can ask the ocean to bring you something. If you look, she says, you might find it.” Debra Frasier writes this in her book, Out of the Ocean. Whenever we read this book at nighttime, I … Continue reading

Don’t just go with the grain…

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paint it! Wood, a true natural beauty in its raw grainy state, however, sometimes it’s fun to paint a story with wood furniture in your nest. A time-washed look can furnish your space with the precise vibe and still exhibit … Continue reading