Explorers Ready for Anything

Ever wonder about the drops? Rampant and rallying together burgeoning with water…all pent-up with that potential energy in an expanding cloud. What do you think they are feeling or thinking? I bet it’s not terror. Perhaps a bit of anxiety in their waiting. I bet they are nudging each other racing to the edges, waiting on their marks to burst out with an unquenchable thirst to be that first drop that plunges into the ocean to join the ranks of a tidal wave; free falling into a bud to taste its sweet nectar; or teaming up with a squad aligning to form a rainbow. What tiny, brave adventurers they must all be. Looking up at this cumulus cloud hovering over me, I would feel like a trail blazer eager to dive into the unknowing below. I’m headed for the highest mountain and cannonballing into a brook atop…see you downstream where we glide into the waterfall. Yep, that’s got to be what those drops are thinking. No matter where they land, I bet it’s the sweetest of surrenders. Fear not, something bigger more magnificent is in the making little droplet.

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