Eye-to-Eye Outdoors, the evening calling from frogs long waned,replaced with serenading crickets in excelsis.A mid-summer swap when frogs,still aroundperhaps feeling outnumbered,a few silently snack on insectswhile the rest grant them their loquaciousness.And then there is the blue jay,enchanting us as … Continue reading


Tucked away.Range and farm living, I’m bringing it back.In terracotta pots along the edge of the nest attentivelythroughout the spaces we dwell, quaint notes of love.Abundance through stillness and homestead routines.In the presence of doubt, eclipse forever moreIn the dignity … Continue reading

A Race Against Time

Now then, here we are the fledgling days of August lurked upon us amid our deliriously distorted days of leisure play. How did we arrive here already? Just as we were settling into summer, that esteemed season that isn’t overly … Continue reading