A Race Against Time

Now then, here we are the fledgling days of August lurked upon us amid our deliriously distorted days of leisure play.

How did we arrive here already? Just as we were settling into summer, that esteemed season that isn’t overly constrained and monitored by schedules of older and wiser beings, it whittles down. A span of time where my Bears were building on their autonomy and discovering adventures on their own. A time where clambering over mossy stones with sticks as their aides, where dinning alfresco to the symphony of cicadas while waiting for the night sky to count fireflies—this is what it’s all about. Where tongues loll from hard play in the heat and then for licking the melon juice from chins…these good ole’ summer days.Under darkening skies, the mood is a bit grim for as the month ripens it will trammel our customary leisure tracts. Today I feel the thunder rumble the house and the lightening flashes with extraordinary vengeance. It’s a race against time. Noses pressed against the hazy windows, we sleuth the patterns of the clouds for our suits are already on and we are eager for a plunge. I spot a clearing in the sky. It may not mean blue skies for today, but it certainly will be another day. In any case I prefer to swim under grey skies, better still a darken evening sky with sparkling stars. The upside to all these dramatic storms is our not-nearly-perfect-flora barely demanded any help from us to quench their thirst. I’m also coveting a peach tree right now. I will start one from seed in the greenhouse and who knows by start of next summer or most likely the ensuing one we can plant it, so we can enjoy them plucked from the tree. We linger a little longer out here these days. Around the poolside, cousins; more shrills and more fun with inventive games. This raucous affair caught by the golden light…we linger here more purposefully, more thoughtfully. Here in the wild, deliriously so for it’s a race against time until we start following a bell schedule with sharpened pencils in hand.

12 thoughts on “A Race Against Time

  1. I’m with you! I have no idea how we got to August, already. just the other day, it feels, I was just clearing the garden beds to start the growing season, and now summer is halfway in, the plants are bearing fruit, and the year is rushing. For now, I’ll just continue to enjoy the longer hours of light, the abundance in the yard, and the signing birds. Happy summer!

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  2. I wonder what it is about summer that keeps us so spellbound to it? No other season evokes such a sense of freedom and a nostalgia for the carefree time of childhood. Your post lyrically reflects the sadness with which we all seem to greet autumn and reminds me to make the most of these last, hazy, heat-filled days.

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  3. I don’t know how I missed this post, but I’m glad to have found it tonight! I love the description of enjoying the pool at night under the stars. That sounds really lovely and magical to me. Those precious summer days are all but gone for children who return to school. I hope your three precious bears have a wonderful entry into the fall season. Baby Bear isn’t quite ready for school yet, I don’t think, but I’m sure she will miss her brothers. (or be glad to have mama all to herself?) LOL!

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    • I’m sure glad you found this Debra as I always appreciate your kind words. I’m ready to dart into the pool now under the stars as these thunderstorms have been sporadic and more are rolling in. Wish I could send them off your way because they have been refreshingly cool. Hope you’re breathing lightly as well as breathing more clean air.


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