Tears from the Stars

I try to remain unruffled. At times I let things ruffle me. We are human, we have emotions and shit happens.To transport myself back into the casual cadence of summer (because we still have a couple more weeks) I tucked several slices of stone fruit into a panini.

This simple meal will not only convince you that it’s summertime in your mouth but that the universe still has plenty of love for you. These days I find the dark creeping in quicker than I have imagined. I don’t mind the darkness, surrounded by wilderness, I sleep more soundly. The continuous summer chorus of tree crickets humming, the trees abundant with green embrace our home…it’s peaceful, it stills a restless soul. Even if I wake the stars dazzle through the undraped windows and I drift back into sleep counting them, wishing upon one. I don’t spot a shooting one and soon the tears from the stars fall upon the rooftop. It’s a familiar sound. In the early amber morning light, playful shadows dance off the walls painted with last night dreams. The verdant grounds and thirsty forest soaked up the tears from last night’s rain and I look forward to the sun flickering it’s beams through the canopy of greens and onto the walls of our nest.When we slovenly fall into despair, we have butter, cheese and bacon; sourdough, thyme and honey; and thankfully we still have lusciously exploding peaches!The creation hailed from half baked HARVEST and I used all the ingredients, except for a different butter and I even caramelized those juicy peaches a bit in the same skillet I made the grilled cheese or panini if you prefer. Warning this is a dangerous obsession, but as long as those stone fruits are around you can pretend like it’s still summer, even if they are getting ready to go along with the hours of sunlight.


14 thoughts on “Tears from the Stars

  1. Oh Yum! that panino looks delicious 🙂 I had not considered the bacon-peach combo, but with the honey and thyme it sounds irresistible. The shorter days are signaling the peak of the busy season, less things get done in the less apparent hours of the day. Enjoy your oasis. xo

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  2. Oh my! There’s a taste combination that surely wins hearts. LOL! I love the setting of your bistro table and the description of the surrounding greenery really lightens my heat-weary soul, Cristina. Maybe I need to make a delicious panini to help me with my own late-summer funk! Beautiful!

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    • It’s the simple things that bring the most joy isn’t it Debra? I’m delighted to have lightened your soul and do hope you try this panini…I’m sure it will satisfy your taste buds anytime of day and hopefully with the company of your grandchildren. Wishing for rain and cooler weather your way soon!


    • Yes, a meal around the table is so much more. I made these tonight because I had a few peaches left and needed something quick to make, enjoy and easy clean-up…now it’s time to run, run, run. Hope you do try this savory treat.

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