On Building Resilience

Clear as a bell, this has been curatively the most profound activity in our nest. Something about a swinging pendulum, shifting back and forth that taps into our neural correlates…it’s transformational. Life looks different after a few whirls. Building and … Continue reading

All the Single Ladies

All the Single Ladies

I am drawn to artwork with single ladies, I suppose I subconsciously manifested the myriad of them into this jumble of manic can’t-get-enough-of-dopamine-hits from their incessant pursuer, however these single women I choose to frame and adorn on my walls … Continue reading

Moments Preserved

Maybe our latest move is not something to be understood but to be pondered upon…and yes our new entrance stopped me in my tracks to do just that. The sweet sun pierced her rays through our window, an emergence from … Continue reading