All the Single Ladies

I am drawn to artwork with single ladies, I suppose I subconsciously manifested the myriad of them into this jumble of manic can’t-get-enough-of-dopamine-hits from their incessant pursuer, however these single women I choose to frame and adorn on my walls have something that none of those women met in secret and sometimes not so secret alcoves will ever have. They wouldn’t allow anyone to caress or penetrate or have their way with them especially not for monetary incentives. They are not frantically and grimly looking around for validation or any sort of attention, nor bothered by what people have or don’t have or care little of what others have to say. They don’t carry deep into their cells any emotions that subconsciously set them up for constant judging of others for things they do or don’t have, believe or don’t believe or for wanting what one may not have or even covet them for their unwavering courage to stand resolutely in their conviction no matter how intensely it may trigger. They won’t reactively project upon others what they truly fear or desperately desire or play out any type of victim consciousness that preserves the ego into repeating the cyclical negative programming or that there is always someone to hate or fault or to even validate the excuse to do nothing about something desperately needing devotion. No instead, these women weary of the lessons one after another more throbbing and alarming than the previous ones just had enough. They have marked their boundaries and defeated all their judgments in their unconscious basements and as a result are reflective, attuned and present. They have a deep cognizance of being a part of the infinite grand creation and walk and talk and stand firm in their authenticity never allowing for their boundaries to be trampled upon again. They know they can create miracles because there is no malevolence for even thinking that there is creates the cynical ideas in one’s thoughts therefore charges the entrenched emotions and further magnetizes and perpetuates them into one’s life. There are only encounters and experiences for what is for one’s highest good or what is not and it’s one’s own choice not anyone else’s which path to embark on. Who accompanies you or not isn’t to judge only to express compassion whilst you self-assuredly walk your soul-led path. These woman are not helpless nor are they alone or powerless. These adorned women are here in plain view in my nest to be dear friends, to remind me of my blessings and just like these framed telltale blushed beauties, to live in wholeness and bursting in my tale of sentience that I am a slice of life…that we all are if we could only remember how sweet it is. What a gift to know of this awareness no matter how hard the lesson, it’s a beautiful thing. Now let’s bring to the world what it really needs. A special shout out to the one and only magnificent artist @maquizcoatl who created these beauties.

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