On Building Resilience

Clear as a bell, this has been curatively the most profound activity in our nest. Something about a swinging pendulum, shifting back and forth that taps into our neural correlates…it’s transformational. Life looks different after a few whirls. Building and strengthening, we are healthier physically and more reflective spiritually. This ding-dong is all heart, always was, always will be, but a few swings a day does thicken the cortex, enhancing curiosity and ensuring the dynamic conversation with life instead of trying to control it…what’s life showing you? I promise you it looks differently in a state of flow…we’re riding it, full of resilience, chock-full of adventures, trust me this ain’t no life-hack, there is nothing so candidly attuning to our wholesome core…deep into our loving sacred consciousness than a good hearty trapeze swing.

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