Spirited One.

Let’s gather our strength of spirit…it’s what they fear the most. Forgive me if I’ve expressed this before, if I have it’s worth a repeat. It takes a few groggy minutes to wake, but when fully awakened this child’s spirit … Continue reading

Just a Little Patience

I remember those carefree moments of summer where I would stroll down to my neighbor’s home who had everything we didn’t. Cable, drawers overflowing with sugary snacks and unlimited bootlegged movies. MTV was usually on when we weren’t watching another … Continue reading

Flippin Tables

Flippin Tables

I heard a DJ announce that Greece will open the tourism gates to anyone willing to take a test and prove negative or get the juice injected into them, Hmmm…I’m going to take a pass, even though we had planned … Continue reading

A Little Broken

This abrupt shift has rustled me more so than the others—so consuming and momentous this displacement intertwined with a sense of duty has left me groggy. This lofty pursuit to find the nest that will end all moves has left … Continue reading

In the Heart of the Country

Plucky and spirited nearly all the time, baby bear has kept me from going off the deep end. “What’s this?” she asks frequently as her tiny digit points to whatever she is inquiring about.  Her nonchalance to our situation and … Continue reading