Wrapped in the Wonder

The present is where all the good stuff resides. To live in the dream is to live in the knowing, to live in fear, frightens you out of present happiness and threatens all that could be taken. Live your dream.

A Fragile Thing

A Fragile Thing

A rare moment of rest this little spark doesn’t sit for too long. Lately we’ve been ending our Indian summer nights by breaking a sweat. A girl “born from fire, sparks flying from the sun” with her fuchsia ball to … Continue reading

Just a Little Patience

I remember those carefree moments of summer where I would stroll down to my neighbor’s home who had everything we didn’t. Cable, drawers overflowing with sugary snacks and unlimited bootlegged movies. MTV was usually on when we weren’t watching another … Continue reading


little bear requests with her woeful look and her index finger pointing up. She has it down alright. Her averted and sorrowful eyes, head tilted to one side and her usual cheery brim turned upside down to almost a pout. … Continue reading