little bear requests with her woeful look and her index finger pointing up. She has it down alright. Her averted and sorrowful eyes, head tilted to one side and her usual cheery brim turned upside down to almost a pout.

One is all I want mom, just one more biscuit or whatever treat it is she craves. My eyes avert too toward the streaks of the late afternoon sun, an exceptional and probably the last of the Indian summer days.“Let’s go for a dip,” I say and instantly her eyes light back up, one more treat is forgotten, and we are swimming in November! For sure our last one of the year in our nest. As I lay afloat staring at the clouds skating across the big sky, I squint and search for glimmering stars now with the half-naked slender branches stretching above us.The inevitable comes next, leaves that twist and squirm off deciduous branches, dreary and heavy clouds will hang low as the sun makes its way south. From here the bottoms of the leaves look like silver rain. One by one they waft down into the pool and we can’t keep up with the count. Day is done prematurely, but the sun streaks the clouds with flames…one last warm breath wavering above.The summer whispers of the wind turn to sonic chanting, the forest fills with song. Sounds like the pitter-patter of rain, it stirs up questions and contemplations of my place among the drizzling of leaves and the flickering stars. I don’t know all the answers but maybe out here at this time I just might find one. I am grateful for one last plunge before everything above me is covered in frost. I will miss this part of our nest perched on top a ridge with thick trunks rooted below the loamy terrain while we hibernate from within. More time spent indoors means more cups of warm cacao and cozy nooks. I arranged one more wall decoration.This one is a purchase unlike most of the others on our walls. I call her Girl with Heavy Thoughts, it’s timely as my meditative swims have faded from my life until those numbered summer days are back.While this artist caught my eye, my little bears’ artwork still warm my heart the most, as well as my father-in-law’s and the amazing Maribel’s designs. Is there a painting or print that will lighten your heart? Frame your walls with art that makes your heart smile and quells the stark and shivery season that lies ahead.



8 thoughts on ““Ena,”

  1. You’re certainly required to shift your activity with the changing of the seasons. I’m sure that giving up the swimming for now is difficult, but then again, how exciting when it begins to warm again and you can return. Your little bear is simply adorable! And I have every reason to believe she will grow to be as creative as her mama bear!


    • Yes indoors it is these days but baby bear won’t give up trying on her suits; we wore two today and she packed for a beach apparently. These days a photo isn’t a good one if baby bear isn’t part of the compositon. Thank you for your compliments, we are blushing and showing off some with some yoga moves.


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