Just a Little Patience

I remember those carefree moments of summer where I would stroll down to my neighbor’s home who had everything we didn’t. Cable, drawers overflowing with sugary snacks and unlimited bootlegged movies. MTV was usually on when we weren’t watching another … Continue reading

Brush it Off Magically

It’s the start of the day, still a few more hours until noon meandering along a whole lot of red tide carnage with scratchy throats and sporadic coughing and somehow there aren’t many other patches of earth I’d rather be. … Continue reading

The Angler

The Angler

It’s refreshing to see a fisherman in his element especially in the mist of ill-advised and division-inducing rhetoric. This angler isn’t alone. He is accompanied by a fellow angler with a fair number of accoutrements to linger on these rocks … Continue reading