Brush it Off Magically

It’s the start of the day, still a few more hours until noon meandering along a whole lot of red tide carnage with scratchy throats and sporadic coughing and somehow there aren’t many other patches of earth I’d rather be. I didn’t dare try the fish from around these parts because of the crimson tide, but I did discover a new trick of how to remove the sand from out between the toes or from any other bodily crevice for that matter…cornstarch to my rescue. For urban dwellers with salt waters nowhere in our site a little caress of the feet first from the beckoning waters and then from the silky cornstarch which removes the moisture that causes sand to stick to skin feels mighty good about now. After a swift application, both sandy bits and silken powder will rub easily away. It beats calling the hose first in the back of the yard.

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