The Angler

It’s refreshing to see a fisherman in his element especially in the mist of ill-advised and division-inducing rhetoric. This angler isn’t alone. He is accompanied by a fellow angler with a fair number of accoutrements to linger on these rocks for the rest of the afternoon lost in their thoughts. In a world where most look for anything external to deliver what one thinks is needed and where thinking for oneself most likely will bring about persecution, around this lake there are no such deceptions and evil, no distractions, only the sound of silence. There isn’t much choice but to reconcile…sensing what’s going on and without thought beyond. Anyone who has attempted fishing knows to stop trying so hard and start feeling. It urges one to go within, drop all belief systems, be patient with the process and in that moment tap into something primal etched into our cells of providing for oneself and community with our very own hands. No authority to give into but explore the unlimited possibilities that could be reeled in with positive thoughts. Maybe they’ll catch dinner for their family tonight. In any case, it’s good to know that not all of us are being led like a horse to the water.

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