Do What You Gotta Do

If I look grimy in this photo it’s because I was. We hit the sandbox, which for the first time since the heat kicked in we had it all to ourselves. After castle building, we lied supine and basked in the sun that peeped out for a few. I went deep into myself and heard waves undulating as each car zipped past the park’s edge. Not sure how long we lied there but after we hit the creek, we lied under a tree on the grass…what can I say, “sometimes I feel like I’m almost done and a long, long way from home.” But don’t get me wrong after a recharge from Mother Gaia, I’m back on track to help make it happen. I’m not here to comply and appease a fallen system…it’s falling swiftly and deeply, and they will continue to try to drag descended souls down with them. I see it falling from the skies, I taste it in the manipulated foods. I hear it spewing from the mouths of false gods, I feel it in my heart. Stay uplifted my friends. Stay true to yourself and speak up for your sovereignty ’cause if you don’t you are complying, not breaking any laws just complying to their agenda.

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