You Get What You Accept

These two are keeping it pure and celebrating this natural patch of the world playing freely. They innately have an intention to be free; it’s exhilarating to witness. Their only focus is how to have fun with what they have on hand. It played out this way moment to moment. As I have said before and it’s worth repeating over again, by gosh we need to follow the example of our children. They haven’t been in the programming matrix for too long and they can still tap into a reservoir of energy without entanglements. If a problem comes into their play, they figure out a way. Let me repeat this, when a problem comes into play, they figure out a way. Not only do they sort things out, they resolve it with exhilaration. Why are we giving our power away to sociopaths without question and with layers of anxiety whilst we have the intelligence? Is this the example we want to set for our children? And yet here we are with the fourth wall production that the deranged globalist have created: a problem slung upon us beguiled with looped emotional jargon, we have reacted with our reptilian brain of fear and anxiety and therefore they have created the solution so graciously for us. While I have compassion for those who have fallen for said solution and now may have heard a thing or two about said solution laced with malice…fear not friends because said prolific globalist also have had the antidote for about a century now. Pine needle tea is one of the most potent antioxidants and it’s known to treat cancer, inflammation, stress and depression, pain and respiratory infections. It kills parasites and viruses of several kinds and the extract of the Pine needle oil has inhibitory effects against components of the coagulation cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. I’ve tried my hand with the needles harvested from the woods on my grounds and found it to smell like Christmas in a demitasse. There you have it, now we are on mark to switch gears and move forward stronger, wiser merrier and with fearlessness. As for the AI components…time will tell, however, nothing can stop the activated DNA codes if one can recall how to reactivate them. Be wise, fill your cup and make an intention to remember.

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