Wherever You Go,

go with all your heart. I cannot buy into the psychosis of fear. Fear that every minute you are surviving instead of living on this life plane is a massively manipulated concept that befell upon us because we allowed for it to. For some, even endorsing this outdated paradigm that we are dysfunctional and that there is a need to not only make it superior, but to inflict this fearmongering and shaming of you are powerless, you are helpless, you are fragile and vulnerable because an authoritarian paradigm tells you so. The only fear to fear is the one that you are not being the best version of yourself. Are you certain of detecting the adaptation that could propel you into a more beautiful world that our heart knows is possible? Build something from your intelligence from your heart and celebrate the truth we are choosing to be in our natural world. This is us. This is America. This is our Planet.

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