Flippin Tables

I heard a DJ announce that Greece will open the tourism gates to anyone willing to take a test and prove negative or get the juice injected into them, Hmmm…I’m going to take a pass, even though we had planned to be there last year around this time to crack cherry-colored eggs with kinfolk and receiving the first light while exalting “Xristos Anesti.” I’m not too disappointed because I would rather not be there under such tyrannical circumstances, nor witness fellow compatriots whom I always viewed as alive, fearless and oh-so-spirited to let their guard down so uncourageously. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that such fierce and opinionated folk could be so bamboozled or come so far off the Spartan path. Instead, I’ll gaze out my window and wonder at these crimson blossoms as I attend to kitchen duties and feel contented. They are vibrant and emit an energy of confidence, of noteworthy control of its life force. Maybe there is something greater waiting for me anyways. For all the adults in the room, we not only have the power to make a difference, to change the system and the world, it is our responsibility and the idea is not to come back the same. Currently the deception is so transparent its preposterous. Instead of giving our power away, let’s recreate the systems. Jesus wasn’t so tactful at times. He was a table flipper…it’s time to flip some flippin tables.

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