Eyes Wide Shut

From this window, a bird pecks at its reflection in the early hours of the morning. It has a degree of knowingness, a kind of self-awareness of its morning routine and despite that it chooses to remain oblivious to it and continues to peck away. “You followed the spirit of the age in this world system…as dominated by the commander of the spiritual powers of the air.” –the Gospels

I was never into fraternities…the notion of it all felt superficial to me. Why do you have to organize a little group to boost your ego only after the chastening initiations. I kept my distance from their gatherings. As of late, it looks as if more members of these brotherhoods are willing to subjugate themselves at all costs. It does make a whole lot of sense why their insensible acts persist as they are tethered to their lethal oaths. This monolithic conspiracy couldn’t get more obvious. Tell your chief commander game over…the meek shall inherent the Earth. These are the times we live in…only the inquisitive ones will prevail. I will forever remain among the uninitiated.

2 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Shut

    • I haven’t either. But the phrase is all too fitting for our current situation. The new age that is dawning is beyond heartbreaking…our empathy will be our downfall despite everything for us to see in plane sight.


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