The Chart of a Sojourning Soul

Out of religionout of dogmaout of language.Remembrance fades as memory gains.Growing more gracious and ever so compassionate,Recalibrating the circuit boardswirling into attunementstirring into the beyondopening and expandingalwayssofteningexploringviva la womankind and mankindwelcome to the big-time folks.

Spirited One.

Let’s gather our strength of spirit…it’s what they fear the most. Forgive me if I’ve expressed this before, if I have it’s worth a repeat. It takes a few groggy minutes to wake, but when fully awakened this child’s spirit … Continue reading

Free Falling

Free Falling

I couldn’t have painted such a portrait of speckled wonder better myself. Nature flows unconditionally in her true resonance as she enters another season where everything works out effortlessly on time, every time, all while expressing herself masterfully. Yet we, … Continue reading