Midnight Munchies

Midnight Munchies

The most relaxed person in the room, is the most present person in the room. In a relaxed state, one can deal with challenges calmly, respond to suffering compassionately, act courageously. If you feel guilty for resting, remember you’re not … Continue reading

Oh Jack!

You just can’t get enough of me, can you? I bet you deliberately bumped into the muck rake for the attention. Naturally, I dropped it to wrap my arms around you, an apologetic hug for a jaunty fellow. You are … Continue reading

The Chart of a Sojourning Soul

Out of religionout of dogmaout of language.Remembrance fades as memory gains.Growing more gracious and ever so compassionate,Recalibrating the circuit boardswirling into attunementstirring into the beyondopening and expandingalwayssofteningexploringviva la womankind and mankindwelcome to the big-time folks.