Those Lips

Ask and you shall receive, Know and it will be, Stretch and you will reach. Nice face yoga move by Casino, it’s an incredible stretch to relieve those tense muscles of the upper lip and surrounding collective tissue. While I … Continue reading

Oh Jack!

You just can’t get enough of me, can you? I bet you deliberately bumped into the muck rake for the attention. Naturally, I dropped it to wrap my arms around you, an apologetic hug for a jaunty fellow. You are … Continue reading

Kiss Me

Colby isn’t coy in the least. He’s giving me all that he’s got. Nothing kitschy or swarthy about this creature, perhaps Casanova would suit him best. Then there’s Skipper trying to steal Colby’s moves, but he’s not much of a … Continue reading

What It Is To Know

Whilst my child cringes at the idea of me toiling with her hair lest a stint of interest in the past, she won’t even attempt herself. But she’s at it with mine as she dreams me in her salon chair … Continue reading

Gritty Mid-Summer Afternoons

Gritty Mid-Summer Afternoons

All things glorious, our mid-summer groovein clenched fists, looped ropetrailing behind, sauntering coltsupdrift from hoofs, dustcaught in dancing cilia of tiny nostrils, dirta dash into a reprieve from the mid-afternoon sun and not short on words, camp girls in search … Continue reading

Cowgirl in the Making

The thing about a barnyard gal is even in the downtime, dignity is upheld and grandeur is manifesting. Must be something about endeavoring in silence in the early morning light breaking through roof rafters on a long-standing barn. That along … Continue reading

The Great Concealer

The Great Concealer

You, the living light have what it takes. Every single situation, every precise thought, every unequivocal bolt pulsing within every legendary cell has the capacity to connect to original life force. They can make us think all they want, that … Continue reading