The Chart of a Sojourning Soul

Out of religionout of dogmaout of language.Remembrance fades as memory gains.Growing more gracious and ever so compassionate,Recalibrating the circuit boardswirling into attunementstirring into the beyondopening and expandingalwayssofteningexploringviva la womankind and mankindwelcome to the big-time folks.

Sunday Service

Hark! Such shadowy and throbbing energy from overvalued drones and their angry chants on replay. What’s more concerning is that people are no longer searching for the truth, instead looking for instant gratification for that easy fix that doesn’t amount … Continue reading

My Youngest Enthusiast  

My Youngest Enthusiast  

An enthusiastic and avid explorer of life indeed, ever so grateful my little darling selects me to join her along her quests. What an honor to be finding our way through life side by side with her. What else can … Continue reading