The Last Dance

Already far with advancing wisdomHave we disposed of all righteous freedomsand have all spirits absconded into the twilightfar from the planet of abundancewith myriad forms of blissfulnessand all benefactors themselves, sophos none to remainon such a hallowed land.But transcend the … Continue reading

Sunday Service

Hark! Such shadowy and throbbing energy from overvalued drones and their angry chants on replay. What’s more concerning is that people are no longer searching for the truth, instead looking for instant gratification for that easy fix that doesn’t amount … Continue reading

Can’t Run from the Revelation

Can’t Run from the Revelation

Some days I feel I need to be a soldier and other days I know what I need to be, but I choose to be a poet. Some days we need to hear things more melodiously. Coerced into a space … Continue reading