The Last Dance

Already far with advancing wisdomHave we disposed of all righteous freedomsand have all spirits absconded into the twilightfar from the planet of abundancewith myriad forms of blissfulnessand all benefactors themselves, sophos none to remainon such a hallowed land.But transcend the … Continue reading

Little Ms Sunshine

Little Ms Sunshine

We don’t have endless warm weather, nor do we have ocean-lined horizons, but we do have luminous thirst-quenchers and we do have our Little Ms Sunshine. No doubt she has a special place in my heart, and no doubt she … Continue reading

Bad Guys

Strong people rarely have an easy past…it’s the hardships that propel them into a better existence. Persistence, humility and deliberate effort is what Papa Bear knows, it’s what he has always known, it’s what he will continue to know. Throughout … Continue reading