Little Ms Sunshine

We don’t have endless warm weather, nor do we have ocean-lined horizons, but we do have luminous thirst-quenchers and we do have our Little Ms Sunshine. No doubt she has a special place in my heart, and no doubt she arrived at this transition in time to show us that everything isn’t going to hell in a handbasket…this adventurous and unapologetic sweet pea emits bits of gold to illuminate the universe. While invasive procedures are rolling out to hack our genuine blueprint, this enlightened one reminds me to play serendipitously in sweet bliss. No doubt, we gain more and learn far more when discovering life freely and fluidly. And now more than ever during the current Golden Age when we are catching glimpses of the holes in our learning and in our ultimate potential for growth, no doubt true wisdom that the beauty of one sentient being stows does spark another lovely being. Long live the spirit-led…they no doubt will liberate and unite those who are willing.

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