This Ain’t No Vanity Show

No personalities up here on this stage. Just some real men in their wranglers with heartening messages and a whole lot of love with the intent of resurrecting the spark within you. You won’t find anyone worth $422 billion on this road trip. Nor anyone breaking you down while spending his $28 billion like chump change to flaunt in a suborbital flight—something’s awry here for sure. It’s another blow to our amour propre with the ongoing angst-ridden and gloomy campaign they incessantly broadcast. You know the one…we’ve crushed this planet, we have ensnared you in perpetual poverty, and now we are going to convince you that we are trekking to another geo zone to ravish it as we retread your double-stranded sequence in the name of your health and well-being to prevent you from evolving as a human being because we are going to test our AI on you. They have their travel fantasy plan as well as their cyborg agenda…do you have yours? This is the time to hail a new era for ourselves by our own selves. It’s alright to be a free thinker with intact DNA and to embrace your fellow human being. This vision doesn’t have to set you back $400,000 and only limit you to hundreds of miles below even weather satellites…it’s siphoning, credulous and barbarous. You are capable of traversing far beyond the ethers with regenerative, tenable and enthralling energies. What mode will you take? Mine certainly is further than 62.5 miles above the Earth’s mean sea level. Nothing is meant to be forced; go with the flow…it’s where you focus your energy. Keep beaming, keep shinning, keep striving.

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