The Soul’s High Adventure

Friendship and devotion conquer all in this charming camp as children of all shapes, shades and ages converge with one goal in mind: as much fun as possible under the prime sunlit summer skies. Other objectives: strive to spend time outdoors all day long while making new friends, a time not to be quiet, but if you prefer a quiet moment alongside the creek spotting crayfish as observant and as curious as possible, well so be it then. In a makeshift history of changing rules or moving goal posts to fit the au fait narrative spoken underneath writhen smiles, it’s time for a little improvisation of our own. As we squirm into the heart of the greatest story of mankind, it’s time to align with our soul’s high adventure. In the words of Joseph Campbell “follow your bliss, find where it is and don’t be afraid to follow it.” It’s time to expand our vision and not limit the already carefree minds of our precious ones by demoralizing, disheartening or dehumanizing them. How many remarkable and courageous teachers have we lost in this struggle in the name of the most recent, impulsive and interminable exposé? You know the ones, the ones who delight to see their children come alive…that spark that kindles inside a child is their most prized reward of their vocation. “Any world is a living world if its alive. The way to bring it to life is to find in your own case where your life is and be alive yourself.” – Joseph Campbell Let’s start living.

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