Deflated Heart

Don’t fret, I’m not here to pierce your heart with yet another arrow. While those razor-sharp tips have been aimed in our direction for some time now, directly at our hearts no less, I’m instead here to upend the au courant pithy remarks and to put an end to the idea of being afraid of people not afraid. I was quick to sip my foamy latte frill that spiced up my vibe and while the heart remained after the final sip, its perimeter warping and unfolding as the elusory story we are holding. Before we curse ourselves for what story we retell, let’s remind ourselves that history is a collection of stories, some legendary, some not so much. A whole lot of conflicting ones, troublesome ones or especially arduous ones to digest and even though no one is born a hero, each and every one of us is born from a spark. We have that Midas Touch to create our dreams. All those boundless and abundant things that haven’t happened yet, is history waiting to be written. How will you change history? Every life makes history. What will your story be?

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