Bad Guys

Strong people rarely have an easy past…it’s the hardships that propel them into a better existence. Persistence, humility and deliberate effort is what Papa Bear knows, it’s what he has always known, it’s what he will continue to know. IMG_20150801_191918476IMG_20150803_190307544_HDRThroughout his professional career he has always been admired, the guy has a tremendous heart, even in the notoriously ruthless industry he has toiled in the last twenty years people identify with him and respect his expertise, his compassion and his capability to work and help others. Yet, there are certain bad guys that have a tendency to complicate matters. You know the ones, the ones that always demand props and elaborate costumes pas de bourréeing and chaînéing across the stage. Okay so the archenemy doesn’t really have ballet skills but you get my drift…bad guys are always showy and flaunting about without any capacity and are always in costume…that’s why they are bad a** guys. IMG_20150803_184920044IMG_20150725_190617255_HDR This particular evil nemesis is known to wear unsuitable attire to events; the only thing he accomplishes are perplexed gawks to his unbecoming and misplaced look. With the things that he blurts out of his mouth, he may as well have done a split kick in the air…inappropriately shocking, yet contributing nothing to develop or promote morale and inflicting remorse instead of enlightenment. He has a degrading methodology as if he is the master and everyone else are merely his underlings. This not-so-fearless leader has particularly shunned away Papa Bear and the company is wispy about the entire issue at hand. Papa Bear no longer has interaction with a certain independent contractor ever since they chose not to renew his contract, the one the company said was fetching “controversy.” This individual had presented evidence to the powers-to-be that what Captain Nothing (an appropriate name I’ll refer to from now on) perceives of Papa Bear are contrary to what a number of others have associated him with. Everyone cringes when Captain Nothing is around, even when they don’t have to see him the painful sound of his voice over the phone pierce through their ears. Even the powers-to-be loath him so why do they choose to continue with his shenanigans? IMG_20150801_185907101IMG_20150727_192634404IMG_20150801_190902274IMG_20150727_190711370_HDRIMG_20150727_192537341 We make choices…a lot of choices. How we live with our choices is what matters. It seems Papa Bear is the only one left paying homage to the reality of the situation. As long as he is thinking of his little bears, he will always stand up for what’s right with or without the support within his company. I feel sorry for the bad guys in his way…I wouldn’t want to mess with Papa Bear…why they refuse to see his motivation I don’t know. What I do know is that these bad guys will need some new costumes. IMG_20150801_192123217_HDRIMG_20150803_192509579_HDRIMG_20150803_190418856_HDR
The great outdoors never fails to redirect our energy, recharging us for another week of detestable measures that don’t make a whole lot of sense. May your Sunday offer you rejuvenation and may your nest be full of lovable and uplifting wonders. IMG_20150727_190124357IMG_20150727_185920663_HDRIMG_20150801_192836105IMG_20150801_194508508_HDRIMG_20150727_195005569_HDRIMG_20150725_190609274_HDRIMG_20150727_191928184_HDR

8 thoughts on “Bad Guys

  1. So sorry to hear you and yours are going through this. One bad apple can sour the entire work environment, no doubt. Hope things smooth out soon. Must be stressful to work like that.

    Your photography is wonderful, by the way.

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  2. I’m so sorry to learn that your family still is burdened by the actions of a ruthless and unethical man. Your husband’s integrity in business has undoubtedly kept his reputation strong in the most important corners, but I am as perplexed as you are about why it is that in matters of business all too often people will look the other way and practically give away their self-respect. Your photos are breathtaking, and i hope that you as a family are able to refresh your spirits by time together. The ocean and those gorgeous bluffs are great places to renew your joint resolve. What a difficult time, Cristina, and I’m so sorry!

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    • Thank you Debra for your concern and empathy. It takes a strong person to admit fault and so far no one is willing to come forward to rectify the situation and put almost everyone at ease in the environment. Everyday, there is another unbelievable event or comment so the breathtaking bluffs are our great escape and the ocean always gives us strength.


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