Hazy Summer Afternoons

I’ve collected an extraordinary amount of happy moments from baby bear lately…mealtime, (boy is she loving it) bath time, and playtime; girl’s got skills and she knows how to enjoy the moment.

I can learn from an infant through her glints of life, what I formerly thought of as idle and unproductive, she has demonstrated it’s not what you want…it’s what you need…what I need now looks like this…

light infused entrance way.

Photos off the floor finally, a simple rug to wipe off the grime before entering the nest, and mother-in-law tongues to purify the air in the nest. I slipped on these to hide my un-manicured toenails and yes I wore them like this out and about.

A lost and afraid accessory gem cluster is out there somewhere and I’m not too concerned that I’m walking with only one on the other flat. Eventually, I will rip off the other sparkly cluster, the one that managed to adhere while its partner had two attempts of bailing on me. The first time I cared enough to reattach it with a glue gun, this second time around I didn’t even notice its departure. Will I replace it with another adornment? Don’t know, but for now I will keep them both glitzy-free. Maybe we all deserve a little retreat these days. Dare and love to enjoy a hazy summer afternoon with wide-eyed wonder. I’m abandoning my infinite list of things-to-do in my nest to enjoy my little bears and the better-late-than-never appearance of the sun…it revealed its brilliance just before my preparations for dinner tonight. It too needed a quiet refuge immersed into the clouds for the majority of the day. Instead of taking on my list, I chose to create in the kitchen and introduce a new salsa in the nest with mung beans.

Prepare your beans as desired and then add fresh pineapple, August tomatoes, onions (green & red for color) cilantro and lots of lime! Serve with fresh tortilla and slices of avocado…happy dipping!



10 thoughts on “Hazy Summer Afternoons

    • Thank you…the salsa eventually made it onto their carnitas and I was told that it was “mind blowing” and my other critic said it was the best taco ever. They don’t eat bean so I sneak them in wherever I can.


  1. Wasn’t she just a newborn only yesterday? Oh my goodness! She’s just precious and I know she adds delight to every day! There’s something really profound about realizing how much very young children teach us about living life truly in the moment! That delicious vegetarian taco is also a fine temptation! I vote for more days like this. Don’t you? ox


    • I know, we have outgrown our newborn items and are so aware of our surroundings. I don’t know who gets more of a kick from peep-a-boo, her or her brothers. She is a delight and she looks at food with her big eyes and just can’t wait to devour it all. Yes, we enjoy gathering around for food, today we enjoyed ahi caught yesterday from the waters nearby…there is nothing like a fresh caught fish. Yes more days like these please!


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