The Smell of Sweet Rain

“Not now, I’m busy meditating,” middle bear retorted when I asked him to do something. For a moment I believed he too was under the spell of June Gloom. However, well into July now, it had to be something else in the air—the smell of rain!

What’s better than the dramatic look of a stormy sky? A break from the sophisticated grey brushstrokes it imprints. An itinerant chalky, lovely canvass…then boom a blast of the sun’s rays and teasingly the canvass transforms magically into multiple whimsical hues. Torrey Pines 2


Enter into the wild air where the brackish water sprays your sun kissed face.


There is something contemplative about a large body of water…one that stretches across the horizon and seems to flow over like an infinity pool after a storm. It’s as if the ocean captures our thoughts keeping them safe and sound reminding us to act upon our intentions just before the heavy clouds wander off into the horizon. On some occasions the ocean takes me into her depths where I’m able to melt into a meditative state and feel at peace. Apparently middle bear was feeling this the moment I asked for his help. Torrey Pines 10Torrey Pines 6 Other times her deep mysteries inspire me to create and she recharges me with her plentiful energy, which is how I was able to accomplish a whole lot in the nest, even without middle bear’s help. Torrey Pines 14Torrey Pines 5Good thing I have oldest bear to lend a hand. In addition to being reliable, he encourages everyone in the nest to venture out and take great delight in the wide-open space. He and his friends sloshed about in the downpour we recently experienced, while I hatched a menu plan from within the balmy nest. Frankly, no one was eager to eat so we sat around waiting and waiting for them to beckon us for a plate; playtime under the drops of rain was far more irresistible…only a chocolate cake with ten flickering candles on it did the trick. The soiree was supposed to take place outdoors, however, Mother Nature had other intentions…we still fared well…we could still see the horizon and the smell of rain lingered on. Welcome back our long lost friend, welcome back…and please don’t be a stranger, you’re welcomed back soiree or not, accompanied by lightning, thunder or simply a pitter-patter. Torrey Pines 68IMG_20150726_161345102Scoping out the bubbles…where to cast our line?

15 thoughts on “The Smell of Sweet Rain

  1. “Not now, I’m busy meditating,”—Haha, I love that. I think I’d pass out from shock if one of my teen sons said that.

    Rain can be welcomed as your lovely post shows, and it sparks its own kind of creativity. But when it comes down on me right after I’ve washed and blow-dried my hair, I’ll admit, I’m not the happiest camper. 😉

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  2. My favorite beach in San Diego! Not necessarily the prettiest or with the most to offer, but it is close to home both literally and figuratively- sometimes I like to wade past the waves during sunset and just stand and stare at the rippling surface of the water. Definitely one of the places I am most at peace.

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