Expanding Your Horizons

Sometimes I wonder if I push myself to stretch beyond the boundaries. I know that I am my children’s biggest (and sometimes loudest) cheerleader and do my best to send them off with a boost so that they crave to reach beyond and expand their boundaries, but what about mine? It’s not that I have completely turned off my personal booster; it’s more like wallowing through a bout of June Gloom these days.

I never mind a little bit of hazy days especially when the saturated clouds burn off later in the afternoon and you can still enjoy it like a lazy summer day. In fact, I welcomed the Gloom last month by plunging into a paint project and transforming my Stokke chairs into a contemplative June Gloom color.

Something about how the clouds that reflect the various hues of blues and greens of the ocean and transfix you into a happy place. I won’t complain about doing the dishes in the kitchen of my nest ever.


Baby bear and I pass the time away here. I whisper in her ear, she giggles and I dream of what’s beyond the horizon.
Why am I lured by the distant horizon?

Is it the time spent bobbing in the Aegean as a child, one with her gentle salty ripples wanting to swim as far as I could see? I first fell in love with her there especially when the edge of the sea would roll into the arid summer landscape—those jagged majestic mountains appended my calming feeling of insignificance.
Has landscape ever shaped how you view the world? Is your personality intertwined with the landscape that surrounded you as a child?

10 thoughts on “Expanding Your Horizons

    • Thank you, yes slowly getting there…the kitchen is always first priority. Yes, I painted the chairs, you may have noticed them in other post as a dark brown stain, well, June Gloom inspired me to paint them this color with a few edgy black stripes inside the legs. I have painted other items and am planning another dyeing project so stay tuned for their transformations. Have a lovely summer!


    • I actually like June Gloom–a little escape from the sun, plus the overcast infused with the horizon inspired me to paint the chairs the same hue. It is an invigorating space, thank you!


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