A Beckoning Couch

is one adorned with something snugly, squishy and fuzzy…extra-large pom poms are an added perk. It’s no wonder this is our favorite place to lounge.


The weather has intensified to a wily state where the clouds cluster and the rain has mustered for an extension of time that feels like an eternity when waiting to plunge into pools with twisting slides that leave children shrieking, then laughing and eventually making them sleep deeply through the night. It is from this point we watch the heavy and mysterious clouds pass by eventually breaking and welcoming the bluest ocean—almost looking like the Aegean…almost.


The mighty ocean still cannot swindle me into taking a plunge, but I have no complaints admiring her perched up in the nest. While I can no longer say we are devoid of the almighty sun, the crisp early morning air still beckons us here. This throw also creates for an enticing makeshift fort—the idea arose since Little Ms Scavenger started climbing these counter stools


to reach for whatever baked-goods her little nose sensed.Her passion to explore is ever-present…a mama has to keep up with her antics. I have a feeling this fort will be up even after the moisture laden sky evaporates back to its customary state, since scaling the furniture will most likely lead to more audacious acts. So far it has been a great distraction to her clambering yearnings. That’s the great thing about a throw—just pitch it where you most need it in your nest.

Although it looks like I am a boho at heart with this look…my dreams drift into a feistier kind of rock and roll spirit of reupholstering with black leather…another time, another nest, another budget. In the meantime, we will burrow under the throw for an occasion snooze in this space I have created. Have a throw that sidles up in more than one place in your nest?


Two of the throws seen above were in the


22 thoughts on “A Beckoning Couch

    • Yes, its been with us for ten years now and it’s place in our current nest couldn’t be more perfect for it. It will continue to move with us as our lives change, it may get a new fabric look one day since it’s supported many bodies even used as a makeshift bed for overnight guest. Thank you for your kind words.


  1. I could curl up on that couch with that lovely, warm throw and stare at the ocean for hours! I’d also love a little cutie playing nearby! I’d be thrilled to invite her into my impromptu tent! 🙂


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