The Prodigious Package


I used to think the best things came in small packages and that eventually they may add up to something like a collection of shiny and sparkly bijoux with stories behind each little piece. While I’m fortunate enough to have enjoyed this in my life and cherish the whispering tales of the exquisitely wrought trinkets that speckled my lifespan, my little bear fortuitously prefers the package to the actual thoughtful gift particularly when that package is a box that can be used as a conduit for fun.

To an inquisitive little bear, a box makes for a rough and ready wagon that can haul items she is currently into or an invaluable means of transport (her being the object of transport) that ensues lots of merriment. We’ve exhausted a few boxes, yowling, yawping and roaring with laughter over such mundane silliness.

Who knows how long before she negates her deep affection and love affair with packaging and what will replace it…but this latest package has left me a little breathless as well. I usually tote my own shopping bags, however the items were too big so I enthusiastically accepted this one and knew immediately that I wanted to reuse it (transform it really) into a “print” on my bare and boring neutral walls in my nest.Since it imbues beach vibes, I made big plans for it in the bedroom. It’s one of the last things I fix my eyes on before my lids grow heavy and take me to dreamland.One of the purchases is photographed in this post, however, it is not where it will remain. It will join the other item to make for a dynamic styling team…stay tuned for what articles were in the package and where in my nest they landed. Don’t forget to do Mother Nature a favor by reusing packages or re-purposing them in a creative way in your nest.

20 thoughts on “The Prodigious Package

  1. All those electronic toys and gadgets may be glitzy and glamorous, but little ones still favor those boxes most of all. How wonderful to see them use their imagination and make play out of the most basic things.

    I love what you did with the shopping bag. So creative!


    • Thank you! I try for soothing but my little bear sees space for running and silliness in this room so we watch while we “relax” in bed and wait for her to run out of energy. Thank for stopping by.


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    • I’ve been wanting to do something with our bare walls in our bedroom forever but just don’t have the time to hit any consignment stores or fleas so the minute I was given this paper bag from the store I knew what I was going to do with it! I still would use a few more frames to fill the space but baby steps right?

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