The Unsleeping Flame

Once again, we brought home the “unsleeping flame” to brighten the year’s first warm evenings with the much-anticipated light. Wielding lit candles in a moving vehicle under a gibbous moon always elevated the beats to my heart. It’s not a night to wear loose-fitting clothing, nor to be careless or disheveled which is not so easy at just past midnight.IMG_20150410_202947276IMG_20150410_203230139IMG_20150410_202648861IMG_20150410_203222345 IMG_20150410_203135418 Still, half-asleep we hope for a little respite and pray for another blessed year knowing that it only takes one swallow to make spring ever so enchanting. Wishing you unruffled spring days ahead without a shortage of swallows to brighten your mornings. Recently the birds dutifully building their nest tucked ever so cleverly in our balcony has captured the attention of everyone in our nest. A dainty piece of architecture yet safely the entwined twigs not only warm the feathered family and their eggs but strategically positioned, it’s a haven from many predators. Καλό Πάσχα!

*Baby bear’s shoes and sweater are from H&M.

12 thoughts on “The Unsleeping Flame

    • Aw so happy to hear that her smile is infectious! I do hope you get some cheery days ahead of you with lots of sun. The tradition was easier when I was younger, now getting to church at midnight is a challenge…the key is not to get in a cozy bed before.


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