“I feel sorry for you,”

middle bear blurted as he headed for a relaxing bath. It was a long evening, as every hump day unfurled for us and this particular one I had to tote along middle and baby bear with me to older bear’s piano lesson after a full day of school and two hours of Greek school.It’s not an effortless day for anyone even baby bear has to endure the long day restrained in her car seat. Naturally when we fumbled to our last destination of the day by nightfall, she went bonkers and played with everything imaginable in sight…blocks, stickers used for excellent lessons and her favorite the push pins. She pulled them off and dashed away knowing I was right behind her to reclaim them for their dutiful function—to tack up accolades of the week.

Of course that was when she wasn’t running up the few steps to the lesson and plunking on keys of the piano. Middle bear volunteered to help while at the lesson since the baby sitter was not available (it may be his last time he will volunteer.) I think he was mostly disappointed that she paid no interest with the train set he purposefully pieced together for her…poor guy he presumed she may have had a fondness for his devotion. “The baby was running around like crazy during the lesson,” middle bear describes to Papa Bear when he arrived home. I explained to middle bear, that she does this all day long and that’s when we heard his prolific comment.

Truth be told her running amuck doesn’t bother me…she’s curious, hilarious and mysterious—typical of most people her size…I’m just grateful she is happy and healthy and for an occasional margarita of course.What about you, what in your life surprises, delights and warms you? In addition to my little bears this sanctuary has seeped into my dreams—I love how the light mysteriously pervades into this garden. Sit here for a few minutes and start to feel open-hearted and joy even if you have a small person that won’t sit for a moment. In the garden we would dig into the earth below delighting in our stained fingers, planting dreams, pulling weeds and growing a colorful life. What little piece of wilderness and new moment will you unearth?

10 thoughts on ““I feel sorry for you,”

  1. Watching my oldest adjust to college and function on his own as an adult has been warming me lately. He’s close enough that he comes home on weekends so I see him, but I also see the independence he’s gained, and it’s wonderful to hear about the plans he’s making for his life.


  2. Gardens can be such sanctuaries. We are working on making ours a piece of nature where birds and butterflies can relish and flourish. Yours looks like an oasis!


    • Have fun creating your sanctuary and may your happiness flourish in it as well as the wildlife! The garden I photographed in this post is a public one and unfortunately not my own but a girl can dream right?


  3. This is just too cute! Middle bear told it like he sees it, right? LOL! It’s hard for a big brother to imagine a pint-sized whirling dervish being just as she should be at this age! I will admit I was quite exhausted myself hearing about your very active day. And your photos, once again, are beautiful. I find that time spent outdoors is always therapeutic, andI do enjoy gardening, and it’s wonderful you share that experience with the children. Dirty, happy hands!


    • Yes, he certainly did. He is usually the one that gets her all worked up but in this instance he was really trying hard to keep her calm…she did not want any part of that. Too bad we couldn’t dig in the dirt but we weren’t on our property so therapy in the garden would have to wait another time and place. Thanks for your sweet thoughts and happy digging in the dirt with you too…I know certain quadrupeds keep you busy as well.


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