March Madness

For most this conjures up young sweaty bodies in motion whose aim is to dunk more goals than the opponent in an allotted time frame. A whole new crew of young and hopeful athletes that we scoff at or mostly cheer for merrily to make it to the next bracket and in some cases beyond with the most propitious athletes to cross over to the professional side. As spring commences and schoolboys anticipate their fates into the grown up world, they enjoy this right-of-madness of March and celebrate the turning of the season where dreams and hopes, plans and ideas buzz with excitement.  For a mother of three in my nest it can get quite boisterous, in fact baby bear has acted quite obstreperously on a few occasions this month.

No baby bear I will not let you run into the street despite your squawking and your new found independence ever since you discovered your wheels—girl can run especially after birds. While she does not follow a straight and well-tended path (sometimes because of the external encouragement from her brothers) but instead the righteous path to follow her heart and whatever it may desire. Nothing remains dormant in there…spring has sprung and the madness of March has bestowed her with energy, curiosity, color and life.

I am certain with her brave warrior heart she will have the power to change things and live an incredibly passionate life. What about you anything that has been dormant under the heaviness of the snow that yearns to burst through this spring?  I can’t wait to style this settee.It has become an extension of our bed and a new favorite place to hang out on lazy afternoon days. And by hang I mean everyone but baby bear—she rather plunge into some kind of melee of spinning, chasing, climbing, downward dog (she loves doing this randomly ANYWHERE) and curiously landing into some mischievous activity.  Of course once I do find the appropriate layers of texture for the settee, baby bear will insist it all looks better spewed all over the floor.
*Baby bear’s sweater is from H&M.

14 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. I don’t know if you do professional photography, but you sure could if you don’t. Parents would love pictures like this that you’ve captured of your own little bear. They’re wonderful, and she is beautiful. That gorgeous smile and free spirit show a baby who is nurtured and loved to the fullest.

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    • Thank you it’s a delight to get such warm and encouraging messages from you. I do try to get a good shot after many attempts…I do have a fun subject and yes I do photograph on occasion for fun on field trips or other events. I think people are inundated with so many photos these days they don’t have the response like yours when I share. Happy Friday!


  2. I was thinking the same as Carrie–your photography is just stunning! And baby bear’s sweet energy is so fun to see captured in those beautiful photos. i’m confident she is going to take the world by storm! 🙂


    • Aww such kinds words, it always makes my day. I just paid for some professional photos (the first time ever only because they had real bunnies!) Now I know why never went out on a limb for photos for my little bears…I felt like I had been had with only two hard copies of photos (without digital ones) that cost me as much as a generous visit to the supermarket. So I think you and Carrie maybe onto something here from now on I’m sticking to my own lens.


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