In yesterday’s sunshine…

orangerie3op I was reminded of an indulgence I dreamt some time ago while under the spell of pungent citrus aromas lingering into nightfall. As the night skies surrender to the rays of the sun ever more each day this month, I grow in anticipation and dream of an orangery. orangerie2bliss While I pace along neighborhood trails and brush against branches laden with citrus fruit ready to burst, I can’t help but wonder how this abundance of citrus would feel like or smell like in the middle of our nest. What a way to wake up each day, or better yet to doze off in a cot under the citrus shade on a lazy afternoon, or even better yet under the starry night sky just before I drowse away to dreamland. To harvest that clean, crisp Mediterranean flavor each morning in a glass of the freshly squeezed nectar of oranges, lemons or kumquats would certainly stir up some good vibes for the rest of the day. Smoke upSiloStill Every year I dream and hope…maybe it’s this year where I will witness the tiny white blossoms stretching toward the sun. Maybe it’s this year my unadorned arms will caress against the blooms and release that sweet scent of the Mediterranean while baby bear darts around in her fluid dress ever so sprightly squealing in delight. Surely a folly like this would lighten a heavy heart. CantaropiSince our current nest lacks space and proper soil conditions for any patch to create a thriving fruit or vegetable garden, we have resorted to our trusty pots of one miniature citrus tree with another barely managing. They have been with us for as long as we have been married and we would like to pioneer our dreamy orangery with these pots. How many pots of miniature citrus would we nurture? As many as it takes to gratify our nest with its aromatic powers and transport us to our original space of inspiration…the open-air orangery of a small French countryside. The one we sipped apéritifs in after our brief but sweet blessing from a rosy-cheeked cleric from Canterbury and just before our dainty yet decadent six-course meal we savored at our wedding reception. Maybe it will be next year where I’ll post photographs of our anniversary party in our central courtyard orangery in our nest. I hope you do hang in there to join us for a few apéritifs with ingredients from our tender fruits from our orangery of course.o

10 thoughts on “In yesterday’s sunshine…

  1. What a beautiful courtyard (and wonderful pics)! Takes me back to the summer I spent studying in a small coastal town in France. One of the most relaxing, beautiful months of my life. Never have I had such freedom as I did during that month–no job (other than my French studies which I loved), no spouse, no children. Not that these things aren’t wonderful–they are–but it was such a liberating month. Your pictures make me think of it as do your lovely words. Thank you.


    • Thank you! It makes me so happy that my post was able to transport you back in time to a place where you have such fond memories. I guess now we live through our children’s dreams, but let’s not forget ours..wishing you more relaxing and beautiful times!

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  2. The lovely scent of orange blossoms is a dream I wish i could live in. At our friend’s house in LA, we delayed picking fruit and standing just under the trees to take in the fragrance and to dream of a fairway land.
    Beautiful prose as always!


  3. How wonderful to see such beautiful photos and to have the chance to be a part of such a gorgeous wedding! So special, Cristina. I think the goal of finding a way to bring the charms of citrus, especially when it has the memories attached to the fragrance, in some way to your nest for a special anniversary party would be a fabulous goal. I hope that you can find a way to make that happen. You’re so creative, I am quite sure you will!


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