Prep Kitchen

How fortunate baby bear is to have such endearing older brothers that coddle her. They are eager to show her the ropes and our chef-in-the-making is always devising new recipes for his little bear. He couldn’t wait until she tried solids, “You think she’ll like carrot, lime and mint?” he would ask. Knowing how eagerly she would watch us eat, I didn’t think she would have a problem with anything we presented—she even loves sucking on a lime. When the time came to introduce her to the world of solids, well let’s just say there was no turning back. She dove right into everything and if we were not swift enough with the spoon she grabbed for it accompanied by her little sounds of protest. So while middle bear was planning the menu, I hit the web for a highchair. I was only interested if I could see it before purchase so off we went miles and miles away up the winding hills of a manicured Beverly to inspect the one. I originally saw it at my cousin’s nest and immediately fell hard for the design. Since I was purchasing a secondhand one, I wanted to know that it would withhold for the next eight years. Yes, this baby can support up to 79 pounds, technically my oldest bear can sit in it. Since, he was concerned during my gestation that we only had four chairs around our table, I wanted to invest in something until the boys run off to college. So here she is in her glory in our nest near the prep kitchen where middle bear learns patience through overlooked ingredients and is kept on his toes with the instantaneous temperature of an induction stove top. Nevertheless with baby bear’s rotating menu options through sautéing, boiling and blending, he learns the importance of nutrition. His hands become rough and his confidence swells with time spent in the kitchen. Minutes that tick away craft him and gradually transform him into a chef-in-the-making. He’s focused and driven when he wants…a determination you can’t teach. And he is thoughtful enough to wonder what baby bear may crave. Months flew by and we have already celebrated with a cake…oh boy, oh boy how we exalted!Lucky for us the new seat pad from Bloom landed at my doorstep to treat baby bear to a fresh new and stylish seat—Cisco pulled through for me after all and I couldn’t be more grateful. This snakeskin grey fresco chrome large seat pad offers a little texture and it’s more practical for easy clean-ups. Baby bear now sits snugly, securely and styling as she feeds herself morsel by morsel. Even as the wind tossed and as a few rays made their debut for the day, we did a little jig in honor of our new seat pad, a surprisingly timely gift from Bloom and of course to eating cake for the first time.

I introduced frozen raspberries to baby bear as she finished her decadent chocolate caramel cake and she ate just about her weight of them, so we did another little jig. And so thanks to this fresh design by Bloom, we are happy to acquaint this similar shape with the other four chairs around our table…and so never you fear older bear…mission accomplished, now there are five seats skirting our table.

24 thoughts on “Prep Kitchen

    • It tasted even better…it melted in your mouth and the frozen raspberries was the perfect compliment to the decadence of the cake. It’s our third cake from this bakery and it never disappoints our taste buds!

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  1. What a stylish chair for your baby bear! You do find the coolest furnishings, Cristina. 🙂 And I’m so impressed with your chef in the making. I love how intentional you are with the teaching opportunities you provide your sweet family. It’s a joy to read about them. It really is!


    • Thank you Debra…the third time around I was considering long lasting items like this one. Thanks to my cousin I discovered this and the car seat that were not available with my boys.


    • Thank you! She and the boys get their long lashes from Papa Bear. I am extremely happy with the highchair–kudos to the dads that designed such a functional and stylish chair that lasts more that the toddler years!


  2. Can’t believe it’s been a year already! Happy Birthday to Baby Bear!! She is just the cutest ever! Such beautiful photos. I’m glad you are capturing it all here – it will be a blessing when you look back on it . 🙂


    • I know how time flies, right? Thank you for your kind words…yes since photo albums consume a longer duration of time to create these posts will have to suffice at least until they are all in college and then whoa is me what will I do with my time but photo albums.


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