We Can’t Always Enjoy the Grand,

but we can try and manage the little. That was last week’s lesson…when we survived the schedule conflicts, the forgetfulness…you let me down Cisco, I was counting on you man and finally my brain that had turned into an untrusty appliance. Here’s how we did it…This trusty miniature furnishing that holds many years of history within our many nests and that serves as a resting stop for little gear for grabbing as we go. These new doll-like kicks for our swift moving (and growing) feet and orphaned succulents that I foraged from the grounds around the nest. Both to symbolize a fresh new start this week and to learn to thrive with what we have.

Our adventures outside our nest landed us at a remote and wild State Park, frolicking under the fluffy clouds that roused from weeks past and eventually drifted beyond the horizon of the Pacific.

These days the ocean isn’t quite so alluring as when the warmer weather induces you to dash into the 65 degree waters without hesitation. The serene surroundings made our isolation with friends all the more endearing; just us and them and any wildlife camouflaged in the chaparral.

The combination of the salubrious climate and what comes out of barbecuing with friends–savoring together, lots of laughter, clicking of glasses and the finest hour…cake by the ocean at sunset! How do you manage no-rest-for-the-weary schedules in your nest?

6 thoughts on “We Can’t Always Enjoy the Grand,

  1. What a wonderful way to let go of stress and just BE. Your photos are enticing. I really love any time I can combine nature and being outdoors in wetlands or protected spaces, but if it’s close to the ocean, I’m in heaven! Now throw in cake? Whoa! 🙂


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